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T-shirt kids | Kass Kass Nikola | Green

MUR 400

T-shirt kids | Kass Kass Nikola | Green

Style: Tshirt

Fabric: Rib with Elastane

Colour: Pale Green


Kotpiale is a Mauritian Clothing and Accessories brand founded by  two Mauritian sisters, Karuna and Melissa in 2015.  In the Mauritian creole slang, Kotpiale means “Where are you going”  Everything which is created under the brand is manufactured  locally by small businesses as we believe our country’s talents.  We have an ecological approach in our processes and we try as much to minimise carbon footprints on our planet.  We started with jersey wear for different market Adults, Kids, Baby and many more accessories


MEASUREMENT CHART(CM)-T-shirt kids | Kass Kass Nikola | Green
1 ANS 1+ ANS
CHEST 27 29
LENGTH 36 40