KOTPIALE is a Mauritian clothing and accessories company born in 2015 made for us boys and girls on the move.

We are passionate about typical Mauritian clothing design to emphasise on our Mauritian culture and craft.

We are Karuna & Melissa, Co-founders of KOTPIALE LTD.

Two sisters working together as one complete person with different artistic background but the same vision and goal. We love this country. Its different cultures, its different faces, languages, its milllion rhythms and tastes. Boulo? lamer? ene ti konser? la natir? eksplorer? chake? KOTPIALE?

The name itself has been inspired from the Mauritian jargon when somebody is all dressed up to go out, people in the streets would say in admiration

“ Hey KOTPIALE ?" (Where/What are you up to?)

The Slogan ‘ COLLECTING MOMENTS’ is for the people on the move...people who discover the world. Travellers of the mind and soul who live for the moment and appreciate every seconds of their lives in our clothing line.



Et toi… Kotpiale ?

T-shirts masculins et petits hauts funky et sexy aux couleurs « hippies », voici ce que propose la jeune marque mauricienne Kotpiale ! 

News on sunday

Young Mauritian Women Dare to Showcase Original Concepts

They merged their talents that gave way to their creativity and subsequently launched their own business.


Confection :

Kotpiale, rien que du local ! 

L’entreprise des sœurs Melissa et Karuna Veerapen a vu le jour après qu’elles aient constaté que l’identité de l’industrie mauricienne de l’habillement est en train de s’effriter. 

Youth Sceal

Kotpiale ou comment porter le savoir-faire local

Où vas-tu? Où pars-tu? Ey Kotpiale ? Venez bouger et voyager ensemble avec la nouvelle marque locale.


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